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Taylor Lane
I am a senior at Lake Region Union High School, where I serve as our local Future Business Leader of America co-president and state treasurer for Vermont FBLA. As local co-president, I am responsible for chapter membership, as well as helping run our weekly meetings alongside our other co-president
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Diane Willson
The degree Diane Willson is now pursuing wasn’t available when she first looked at colleges as a senior in high school. She counts the options she had back then on one hand. “The choices in my generation were: to be a nurse, a teacher, a secretary, or go to college to find your guy, who will then
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Ghana Rimal
Ghana Rimal’s story is one of patience, perseverance and preparation. After a decade of living in a refugee camp in Nepal, Ghana Rimal was studying for the interviews required to immigrate to the United States or six other countries. When he was asked where he wanted to go, he said Vermont, USA. He
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