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Blog Archive: April 2021

Vicky Mills
“I never thought about what I wanted to do when I grew up,” says Vicky Mills. “No one in my family went to college, and my brother and mother didn’t finish high school.” By Vicky’s own account, her journey to VSAC’s Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) program has not been a straight line. She
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Seth Jackson
“I think Seth is one of the most self-motivated, ‘cup-half-full’ students that I work with,” said Soren Dews, Seth Jackson’s VSAC counselor. “Even if it's an obstacle, he looks at it as ‘how can I get through this? How can I get motivated?’ I think that is so impressive.” The Burlington High School
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Nikiah Viger
“Without VSAC and my guidance counselor, I wouldn't be where I am right now.” Nikiah Viger’s experience with VSAC shaped her career. Now as the senior financial aid officer at VTSU Castleton, Nikiah works to make college possible for all students, including first-generation college students like
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