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Blog Archive: Preparing for College Costs

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Navigating the postsecondary education landscape can feel overwhelming. It’s normal to ask questions like: what should I study, what kind of program should I enroll in, what type of credential should I earn and how do I know it’s going to get me the job I want? The answers to these questions will…
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college students
For many students, attending college or training after high school likely involves taking out an education loan to help cover tuition bills, along with room, board, books, supplies, and transportation costs. Seven out of ten Vermont families need to borrow to help pay education costs. So, if your…
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National 529 Day is May 29 (5-29, get it?), highlighting the advantages of 529 savings plans in helping families prepare for education after high school. In the Green Mountain State, we have a plan—called VT529—with added tax benefits to help your savings for college or training grow further. What…
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Passy Matendo
When Passy Matendo signs on to a Zoom meeting, her name appears on the screen as “Maombi.” “It’s what I’m called at home,” she explains. In Swahili, the word literally means “prayers” or “supplications,” and as a name, it is often loosely translated as “gift from God.” Since coming to the U.S. from…
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choosing college
The updated FAFSA was delayed this fall, and the impact of that three-month delay rolled down the line to colleges, families, and students. College financial aid offices are now scrambling to process student financial data and to get their aid decisions out to families as quickly as possible…
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If you’re planning on college or training after high school, this year’s FAFSA overhaul has reminded many of us that waiting can be frustrating. The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Federal Student Aid (FSA) updated their student financial aid (FAFSA) forms for the first time since Ronald…
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