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Blog Archive: November 2022

Young kids faces for VT529
With Vermont’s state-sponsored 529 savings plan, you can give a gift that lasts far beyond the holiday season. VSAC encourages families to look ahead, and plan for their kids’ (or grandkids’) future education possibilities with a gift of 529 savings. Whatever the age of your loved one, whether an…
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Student Photos from VSAC
The VSAC team wants to say a special “thank you” to all of the students who have participated in our VSAC Student Spotlight profile series over the last year. We truly appreciate your taking the time -- and having the courage -- to share your stories with the world. And in the spirit of Thanksgiving…
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VSAC Logos
Are you looking for ways to help pay for your education or training after high school? Financial aid is money that a student receives to help pay for college or career training expenses. The Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC) is here to assist you in getting all the funding you’re…
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Charlie Wallace portrait
Twenty-year-old Charlie Wallace describes her art as “modern and eclectic. It’s totally random, and I love it. It gives me feeling.” The soft-spoken young woman with the slight Southern accent and the blue streaks in her hair is now herself an eclectic mix of northern Vermont – where she moved, on…
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Sunita Bhujel
If you go for a weekend haircut or color at Supercuts in Williston, there’s a chance your stylist might be 19-year-old Sunita Bhujel, who talks brightly about her cosmetology training at the high school tech center, her first haircuts practiced on family members and her excitement about her upcoming…
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