Blog Archive: December 2021

new year resolutions
As the year winds down, everyone has a few items on their to-do list that just didn’t get done. It’s been a busy fall with lots of bumps in the road, especially for high school students working on their plans for graduation and what comes next. With the calendar ready to flip to 2022, The Vermont
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Hands working on laptop computer
With the recent news about changes in the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program and the expected restart of federal student loan repayment in February 2022, confusion and change often bring out the scammers and false promises of having student loans forgiven and convincing people to pay for
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Dalib Bulle
Dalib Bulle’s life history may be what we all envision as the ideal immigrant story. He came to America from a war-torn country, got a job right away, and has been able to help hundreds of families from his native Somalia gain their own foothold in Vermont. Now, with the help of VSAC’s Educational
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