Blog Archive: April 2020

Chandler Prescott
When Chandler Prescott was a high school sophomore, he joined the Forestry and Natural Resources program at Stafford Technical Center, where he got a big eye-opening. “It was there where I learned about the wilderness … how global warming is affecting the wild and everything like that. I just really
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VSAC image for students making education decisions
As we all adapt to new ways of daily living (including the challenges of online learning), we understand it can be overwhelming. And if you’re a high school senior, or the parent of a soon-to-be grad, you're juggling a lot right now, as students figure out where they may be headed next fall. All of
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Trent Cross
When asked to talk about his journey from a kid growing up in Milton to a successful college freshman, Trent Cross tells a story marked with the typical challenge facing first-generation college students: “None of my family had ever gone to college, so I didn’t really know what way to go.” “But when
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