Blog Archive: May 2021

Grow with VT529 image
National 529 Day is recognized on May 29 (5/29, get it?), highlighting the importance of 529 savings plans in helping families plan and pay for college or training expenses. This May, plant seeds for education opportunity with VT529. What is a 529 plan? These education savings plans are designed to
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Talent Search student Alex Dufresne
Alex Dufresne, a senior at Twinfield Union High School in Marshfield, admits that his high-school academic experience has been a bit of a roller coaster. “My grades have been really good one year, then really bad the next, then pretty good the next year,” says Alex, who also had some up-and-down
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Meadow Yvon image
Twenty-one-year-old Meadow Yvon is just the sort of person you’d want to have as your dental hygienist. She’s diligent and sensitive — and clearly attentive to the needs and feelings of others. “I’ve just always wanted to help people,” Meadow says of the thought process that led her to pursue a
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