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Blog Archive: February 2021

Mitchell Manacek
Mitchell Manacek, a generalist with City Market’s people and culture department, explains the motivation behind the co-op’s worksite wellness program: “It boils down to the idea that when people are healthy and happy, they bring their best versions of themselves to work,” he explains. He notes that…
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College & Career Pathways
High school students and parents, whether you’re college-bound, training-bound or not sure, College & Career Pathways is the one-stop online resource and month-long virtual event for you. Throughout the month of March, Vermont Student Assistance Corp. will offer live virtual workshops, led by local…
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Matthew Couture
When Matthew Couture shared how he rescued and adopted a hurt cat he came across with his now-wife, it wasn’t a surprise. Anyone who knows Matthew knows that’s who he is: a caring, compassionate person whose life mission is to lift up those around him. Matthew Couture grew up in Fair Haven and…
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Destiny-Rose Chery
Saying Destiny-Rose Chery is busy would be an understatement. The current senior at Danville High School has a lot on her plate. From applying to colleges to working 20 hours a week as a grocer to following her love of art, Destiny is focused. In conversation, she doesn’t draw attention to how…
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