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Blog Archive: Student Aid Options

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Navigating the postsecondary education landscape can feel overwhelming. It’s normal to ask questions like: what should I study, what kind of program should I enroll in, what type of credential should I earn and how do I know it’s going to get me the job I want? The answers to these questions will
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3 grads in the Green Mountain Job & Retention Program
Jessica Neilson of Rutland, Emma Nadeau of Derby, and Ben Hulett of Shaftsbury are benefitting from a $5,000 loan repayment incentive to launch their careers and stay in Vermont. A brand-new student loan repayment program, designed to incentivize recent college graduates to stay in Vermont, is
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Facing unexpected expenses or a change in family income? Consider appealing for more financial aid. UVM junior David Richardson knows a lot about financial hardship and the unexpected ways it can strike a family. When David was seven, his family’s financial stability literally slipped out from
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College Dorm Room
Are you wondering, "Do my student loans cover housing?" In addition to paying for tuition and fees, student loans can be used to pay for college living expenses ... and more. Along with school meals, groceries, rent, housing supplies, and utilities, you can also use your loans to buy books, a laptop
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As a young electrician, Aaron Brittain was doing well. He had moved from a small shop in the Northeast Kingdom to a bigger, Barre-based company that did larger jobs. But he didn’t like getting up at 4 AM. “I liked the work, but I didn’t like the lifestyle,” says Aaron, who started electrical work at
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Lilith Bachand, a junior at North Country Union High School, just learned a week ago that she was named a 2023 QuestBridge College Prep Scholar. As one of 3,500 high school juniors selected from more than 15,000 applicants nationwide, Lilith also has a strong chance of being awarded a four-year
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