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Blog Archive: February 2022

Brody Brown
Brody Brown of Williamstown has had dreams of becoming a doctor since middle school. And he hasn’t let anything stop him – not even a global pandemic. When his school effectively reduced course offerings due to COVID – an unfortunate reality for many small high schools that struggled to balance
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Raneen Salha
Raneen Salha is fascinated by the human brain: how it works, how it can sometimes betray us, and how we can begin to heal. She saw this betrayal on a clinical level when her grandmother suffered from Alzheimer’s, a defining period in her life that inspired her interest in the medical field. “It was
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Phoebe Stoddard
A village store and a Covid-inspired scholarship program shape a young woman’s path Phoebe Stoddard spent most of her high school career at Craftsbury Academy waiting for her “Eureka moment.” When, by senior year, it still hadn’t come, Phoebe didn’t know what she wanted to do. And with college
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