Blog Archive: May 2022

College Savings Day
National 529 College Savings Day is recognized on Sunday, May 29, highlighting the importance of 529 savings plans in helping families plan and pay for college or training expenses. This graduation season, plant seeds for education opportunities with VT529. It's a great way to celebrate the end of
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Mikayla Powell
When Mikayla Powell was born, her parents were still kids themselves. “My mom and dad were just teenagers. There are pictures from their high school graduation with me in it,” she says. “Growing up, we were fairly poor,” she recalls. Particularly after her parents split up when she was in middle
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ALlyson Ratz
Allyson Ratz, 17, has always been interested in how things are put together. Whether it’s the individual strokes of one of her award-winning pencil drawings, how the lines of a classic rock song can tell a story of social change, or how the release of chemicals inside the brain can influence a
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