We help you plan for college & careers—for free.

Questions about how to pay for college, apply to college, and choose a college or career program? We help you plan—for free.
More than 1,400 parents and students joined VSAC in 2019 for our four College & Career Pathways events to learn about:

  • financial aid and college costs
  • the college search—what to consider & tools to use (even when undecided)
  • applying to college, step by step
  • short-term training options
  • searching for scholarships (free money for school or training)

Join us in 2020:

  • Castleton University: Wednesday, February 26

  • Landmark College: Wednesday, March 11

  • Saint Michael’s College: Thursday, March 19

  • Northern Vermont University–Lyndon: Monday, April 6

FREE registration opens in early January.

Paying for College & Career Training 101 / Financial Aid & Managing College Costs
The College Search: Finding the Right Fit
Navigating the Admissions Process
Strategies for the SAT & ACT
Career Search: Finding the Right Fit
Great Careers with Local Employers
Scholarships—Free Money
Returning to Learning
Campus Support for Students With Disabilities
Pathways to Promising Careers: Résumé Building

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Financial Aid & Managing College Costs 

Find out how families cover college costs. We'll explain: 

  • the types of financial aid available (grants, scholarships, loans)
  • the basics of financial aid applications 
  • ways to compare college costs before you apply
Scholarships—Free Money!

Learn how to find and apply for local, state, and national scholarships.

The College Search: Finding the Right Fit 

Learn what to consider and which tools to use as you create a college list that matches your needs and family situation.

Navigating the Admissions Process

Overwhelmed by the college admissions process? Hear directly from a college admissions counselor about the steps involved in applying, what admissions staff look for in students, and ways they can support you through the admissions process. 

Returning to Learning After Time Off

Are you an adult who's thinking about going back to school? Come learn about financial aid options for adult learners and how to succeed as a nontraditional student.

Campus Support for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities often need to advocate for themselves once they arrive at college. We’ll review the federal laws that require accommodations at the college level and explain how to take advantage of the student support services on many campuses. You’ll find out which questions to ask as you visit college campuses and websites so you can feel more confident when deciding where to apply.

Note: This workshop is offered only at Saint Michael's College and Castleton University.

Pathways to Promising Careers: Résumé Building

Join career communications writer C. Jane Taylor for a special workshop tailored to those entering the workforce, sandwiched workers, and those getting back into the workforce after a gap. We’ll explore ways to rebuild your résumé and your confidence in the face of change. Participants will learn to:

  • acknowledge and own your experience and expertise
  • identify and communicate your transferable skills
  • choose empowering language
  • use the right type of résumé

Bring your current résumé and your laptop (or a notebook and pen) to this interactive workshop.

Note: This workshop is offered only at Southern Vermont College and NVU–Johnson.


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