Blog Archive: January 2022

Wallet image with budget story
For students thinking about their college plans or a workforce training program, worrying about how to pay for it is likely one of your top concerns. For students and graduates alike, it often comes down to juggling a variety of priorities when it comes to money. While the Vermont Student Assistance
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Student on laptop
WINOOSKI, Vt. -- A grant program that offers eligible Vermonters the opportunity to earn a college degree tuition-free has been embraced by nearly 1,750 students since the program began last fall. The grant, called 802Opportunity, pays for up to two years of free tuition to the Community College of
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 Natasha Sankgasoot
If you live in the Brattleboro area and have ever had a craving for authentic Thai food, you’ve probably visited the Thai Hut, and there’s a good chance you’ve met Natasha Sankgasoot. She’s the friendly young woman who often rings up customers and gives them their change. Natasha grew up in the
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