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Blog Archive: June 2022

Callen Ferris and family
Two weeks before the first day of her senior year in high school, when most of her classmates were enjoying their final afternoons at the pool or going back-to-school shopping, Calleen Ferris was moving cows. She had grown up on a dairy farm in Randolph, which both the cows and the family had…
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BryAnna Goslant
BryAnna Goslant became interested in criminal justice when she was recovering from extensive hip surgery her sophomore year in high school. “I was on bed rest for six weeks, and I had lots of time to watch crime shows,” she laughs. BryAnna’s favorite crime drama was “NCIS,” and she particularly…
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Graduation collage
VSAC has profiled nearly two dozen traditional and adult students over the 2021–22 academic year, and 10 of them are among the graduating Class of 2022 — some from high school, some from college. In this week’s spotlight, we wanted to give a final shout-out to those 2022 graduates and their exciting…
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Yack Stack
With many parents working multiple jobs, and many children rushing from school to sports practice – and sometimes, between two separate family homes – right around the dinner hour, it’s no surprise that only about 30 percent of families eat a meal together on a regular basis. But when families don’t…
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