VSAC-Assisted Scholarships

Find scholarships for Vermonters

VSAC administers more than 120 scholarships available to Vermont residents. And we want to encourage you to apply! 

High school students and parents, learn more about the financial aid process.

Getting started with VSAC-assisted scholarships 

Before you get started on applying for VSAC-assisted scholarships, here are 3 things you should know:

  1. Scholarships are competitive: Your goal is to help the scholarship committee get to know you and believe in you. From proofreading your application to writing a powerful scholarship essay to getting great recommendations letters, you’ll want to be professional while at the same time being you.
  2. Communication is key. To succeed, you’ll need to own the application process. Scholarship committees expect you to complete all requirements on time. So, don’t wait for others to follow up. Be proactive and verify that all items are complete and on time.
  3. Eligibility is important: You and others will expend time and energy on the application process. So, before you start, make sure you’re eligible for the scholarships you’re applying for—and make sure you meet all requirements and submit your best work.

Finding scholarships

To apply for a VSAC-assisted scholarship, you’ll need to determine which scholarships you’re eligible for, complete the Unified Scholarship Application (USA, a single application for all VSAC-assisted scholarships), and submit required documents. Look in the VSAC scholarships booklet for a list of all available scholarships.

Here’s the information you’ll see for each scholarship:

VSAC ID: A unique code for each scholarship that you’ll need in order to complete the USA. Write down the VSAC ID of any scholarships you’re interested in as you go through the booklet.

Eligibility: The specific criteria you’ll need to meet to be eligible for the scholarship. You're eligible only if you meet all the listed criteria.

To apply for a VSAC-assisted scholarship, you must:

  • Be a Vermont resident. If you’re not sure about your residency, download our residency brochure (PDF).  download icon 
  • Be a United States citizen or an eligible non-citizen (unless a particular scholarship specifies otherwise). If you’re not sure about your status, visit FAFSA.ed.gov and search for “Are you a U.S. citizen?”
  • Have Vermont listed as your “home of record” if you're in the U.S. military

There may be additional eligibility requirements for certain scholarships, such as:

  • The type of school you will attend (accredited school approved for federal Title IV funding)
  • A specific major or field of study (engineering/technology, social work)
  • A certain town or county of residence (Addison, Chittenden, Franklin, Grand Isle etc.)
  • A demonstration of financial need, academic achievement, community service, etc.

Renewability: The number of years that the scholarship can be renewed (if applicable). Instructions for renewal will be included in the letter notifying you of the award.

Amount: The number of scholarships available and the possible dollar amount awarded

Selection: The documents and criteria the selection committee will consider when choosing the best candidate for the scholarship

Estimated # of applications: The estimated number of applicants, based on prior years

Estimated awards: The estimated number of scholarships awarded, based on prior years

Apply for VSAC-assisted scholarships

Follow our 4 simple steps to apply for VSAC-assisted scholarships.


To apply for VSAC-assisted scholarships, you’ll need to prepare the required documents listed below. Remember to label each document with the document name, your name, and your Social Security number (or your birth date in place of your Social Security number for documents submitted by others on your behalf). 

  • The Unified Scholarship Application (USA). The USA is required to be filed for every VSAC-assisted scholarship.
  • The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is also required for any VSAC-assisted scholarship with demonstrated financial need as a criterion for eligibility.
  • Recommendation letters. At least 1 recommendation letter is required for nearly every VSAC-assisted scholarship. Recommendation letters are letters that teachers, coaches, counselors, or other adults not related to you write on your behalf.

Each recommendation letter must:

  1. Be from a non-relative (such as a counselor, principal, teacher, employer, business leader, neighbor, or family friend)
  2. Be written by the letter-writer him or herself
  3. Include your name and date of birth as well as a letter number and name
  4. Be on official letterhead from the letter-writer’s school, business, college, organization, etc. and/or be physically signed by the letter-writer

The general recommendation letter must address your:

  1. Achievements and/or strengths
  2. Talent and/or potential for success
  3. Involvement in the school and/or community
  4. Character, initiative, and/or leadership
  5. Commitment to completing your education beyond high school
  6. Commitment to your chosen career or field of study
  7. Education and work ethic

Some scholarships for community service or visual/performing arts may require recommendation letters specific to the area of focus. Get tips on getting great recommendation letters > 

  • Scholarship essays. A general essay is required for all VSAC-assisted scholarships. This essay requires that you focus on 4 specific topics:
    1. Your commitment and goals
    2. Your financial need
    3. Your community service
    4. Your uniqueness

Be sure to check the individual scholarship you’re applying for for any other essays that may be required—or for specific points you’ll need to touch on in your general essay. Get tips on writing a great essay >

  • Your official transcript. An official transcript is required for every VSAC-assisted scholarship that requires you to demonstrate academic achievement. An official transcript must contain an official school seal or be physically signed by a school official. Grade reports and web printouts are not acceptable.
  • Other possible required documents. These may include:
    • A copy of your birth certificate
    • A portfolio (for artistic submissions)
    • Your résumé
    • Others documents (like child care information or family information) that a specific scholarship may ask you to provide

Apply for VSAC-assisted scholarships

Follow our 4 simple steps to apply for VSAC-assisted scholarships.

Important deadlines for VSAC-assisted scholarships 


Starting October 1, 2021

Complete the 2022–2023 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Review scholarships in VSAC's scholarships booklet and identify those for which you meet all eligibility requirements.

Submit the 2022–2023 Unified Scholarship Application (USA) online.

Draft your essays and ask for feedback from your guidance counselor. Get tips on writing your essay > 

Identify the people who you will ask to write your letters of recommendation and share your strengths with them. Get tips on getting your recommendation letters >

Begin submitting all required documents (transcripts, essays, recommendation letters, etc.).

View the status of your scholarship applications online through MyVSAC

On or before February 11, 2022: Submission/postmark deadline!

All required documents (transcripts, essays, recommendation letters, etc.) must be submitted or postmarked on or before this date.

Before May 1, 2022:

VSAC will notify students of scholarships for which they were chosen as recipients. Check your MyVSAC account (click on "Work with VSAC-Assisted Scholarships") for the status of all scholarships.

Before June 1, 2022:

Through MyVSAC, colleges/universities can view the scholarships awarded to students.

Apply for VSAC-assisted scholarships

Follow our 4 simple steps to apply for VSAC-assisted scholarships.