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VSAC scholarships booklet connects Vermont students to education funding

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VSAC Staff

October 17, 2023


VSAC Scholarships booklet and student in grad cap

VSAC's Scholarship Booklet features about 150 VSAC-administered scholarships and more than 40 additional scholarships for students in college or training.

If you had a 1 in 100 chance of winning $5,000, you’d probably buy that lottery ticket, right?

Many of the college scholarship programs administered by VSAC have similar odds (for varying amounts of money), so it pays to research available programs and, if you see one that suits you, put in an application.

We recommend starting 9 to 12 months before the start of the academic year for which you need funds. A great place to start is the VSAC scholarships booklet, which contains information about funding opportunities that are available only to Vermont residents or to students who will work in Vermont after graduation. Here in our state’s “small pond,” you probably have a higher chance of winning a scholarship than if you were competing nationwide.

This year’s booklet includes information on 150 scholarships administered by VSAC, plus an additional 41 scholarships run by outside organizations. Here’s a peek at what’s inside.

Scholarships for niches and needs

There are scholarship opportunities for a wide range of academic interests. Some of the more common fields include:

  • business
  • technical industries
  • public safety
  • agriculture
  • health care
  • and education

There may even be specific scholarships for residents of your town or county, graduates of your high school, or members of traditionally disadvantaged groups. Other scholarships are offered to children of parents working in specific career fields.

Finally, students who are single parents may want to check out the Bernice Murray Scholarship, which covers up to $4,000 in child-care expenses for single parents who continue their education.

Award amounts from $500 to $6,500 and more

Some scholarships offer one-time awards, while others are renewable, meaning the student can receive additional financial awards for each subsequent year of study. The annual award amounts generally range from $500 to $6,500, though there are some exceptions. Through VSAC's workforce development funding, forgivable loan programs are also available for student in the following fields:

  • teaching
  • nursing
  • nurse faculty
  • mental health
  • and dentistry

These interest-free and forgivable loan programs generally cover the student’s full tuition, and they are similar to scholarships because the money awarded doesn't need to be paid back. There are also generous tuition benefits for college students as well as students seeking training in non-degree programs, certificates, or continuing education who join the Vermont National Guard.

New scholarships for academic year 2024-2025

If you've used VSAC's scholarship booklet in prior years, you may want to take note of many VSAC-administered scholarships and loan programs that are brand-new for the 2024-2025 academic year. They are all marked with “New!” in the booklet.

Here are a few of the new scholarships that benefit students in particular communities:

• The Jim Spadaccini Technical Scholarship, sponsored by the Charlotte-Shelburne-Hinesburg Rotary Club, will offer up to $2,000 annually to a Charlotte, Shelburne or Hinesburg resident pursuing a degree or certificate in a skilled trade or technical field.
• The Krishnan Venkataraman Memorial Scholarship will offer one scholarship up to $2,000 to a student who identifies as one or more of the following: BIPOC, Latinx, Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI), Indigenous, Black and/or Hispanic.

Here are a few of the new scholarships that are targeted to students pursuing particular fields of study:

• The Mary K. Hale and J. Stewart Garven Memorial Scholarship, sponsored by the Newbury Alumni Association, will offer one $1,000 scholarship to a Newbury, VT resident who will graduate or has graduated from Oxbow High School seeking a certificate or undergraduate degree in the field of education.
• The Vermont Police Association: John J. King Scholarship will offer one $1,000 scholarship to a student who seeks an undergraduate degree in public safety.
• The Jedidiah Zabrosky Scholarship, sponsored by the Zabrosky family, will offer one scholarship up to $2,000 to a graduating high school senior who seeks an undergraduate degree in special education.
• The Green Mountain Veterinary Scholarship, sponsored by the Harold Mitchell Family, will offer up to $5,000 annually to students enrolling in their first year of a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program, or their first year of a Veterinary Technician program.


VSAC scholarship deadlines and requirements: Apply now!

The application deadline for all VSAC-assisted scholarships is extended to March 1st. All scholarships require a completed FAFSA and Unified Scholarship Application (USA), plus a general essay. The VSAC scholarships booklet covers any additional application requirements, such as recommendation letters or transcripts, for each individual scholarship. Deadlines and requirements for the non-VSAC scholarships vary. Start now so you can beat the deadline and cross it off your list!

Download VSAC's 2024-2025 scholarships booklet or order a free print copy. Anyone with questions is encouraged to talk with the VSAC outreach counselor at their school, visit VSAC Scholarships, or call 888-253-4819.