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Blog Archive: Exploring Career Options

Student at computer
Navigating the postsecondary education landscape can feel overwhelming. It’s normal to ask questions like: what should I study, what kind of program should I enroll in, what type of credential should I earn and how do I know it’s going to get me the job I want? The answers to these questions will
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Passy Matendo
When Passy Matendo signs on to a Zoom meeting, her name appears on the screen as “Maombi.” “It’s what I’m called at home,” she explains. In Swahili, the word literally means “prayers” or “supplications,” and as a name, it is often loosely translated as “gift from God.” Since coming to the U.S. from
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Kirsty Greeno
When Kirsty Greeno was growing up, she moved around a lot, mostly through Vermont and a bit of Maine. Before completing high school, Kirsty, her sister and their single father relocated multiple times, moving from Rutland to Salisbury, then to Middlebury, followed by Whiting, and finally settling in
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Mersadies Shantie
On February 12, 2018, when Mersadies Shantie was 12 years old, her mom suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. That night, still stunned from the loss, Mersadies left her home in Mooers Forks, New York, and moved to Sheldon, Vermont, to live with her dad, stepmom and three adopted sisters. “It was
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