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Blog Archive: Exploring Career Options

Student at computer
Navigating the postsecondary education landscape can feel overwhelming. It’s normal to ask questions like: what should I study, what kind of program should I enroll in, what type of credential should I earn and how do I know it’s going to get me the job I want? The answers to these questions will
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Halley Riley-Elliott: from diesel shop to pageant stage
GEAR UP helped Halley Riley-Elliott of Mt. Holly pursue her passions—from diesel shop to pageant stage Every September, VSAC celebrates National GEAR UP Week to make more Vermont families aware of the resources offered through the Vermont GEAR UP program. This federally funded program, which VSAC
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College Dorm Room
Are you wondering, "Do my student loans cover housing?" In addition to paying for tuition and fees, student loans can be used to pay for college living expenses ... and more. Along with school meals, groceries, rent, housing supplies, and utilities, you can also use your loans to buy books, a laptop
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2023 graduates, left to right: Sahra Hassan, Philip Malazarte and Nick Williams
VSAC has profiled more than two dozen traditional and adult students over the 2022-23 academic year, and three of them are among the graduating Class of 2023. Two are exceptional high school students who will be entering the health care field, and the third –– a National Guard veteran who served
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