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Welcome to the journey toward higher education!
Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, careful planning and steady work will help you get to the college or career training program you choose. We can help guide you (and your parents) throughout this important journey—and help you make smart financial decisions all along the way. Check out the links below to get started.



HS seniors, need help with financial aid forms? VSAC can help you apply.
Find out about how to apply for financial aid, including the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). VSAC can help you fill out the forms.
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Vermont grants = Free $$ for college or training
Don't miss out on VT's gift aid for college or other training after high school.
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$$ for scholarships
It's simple to apply for VSAC-assisted scholarships.
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Looking for a program in Vermont?
Your guide to Vermont colleges & universities.
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Wondering how to plan & pay for college or training after high school?
Check out College & Career Pathways: Whether you're college-bound, training-bound or not sure, this info is for you. FREE College & Career Pathways workshops and resources on a range of college and career planning topics and virtual info sessions of VT colleges and short-term training programs. Includes videos and onsite events at VT college campuses to help you plan for life after high school.
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Resources (PDFs, Spreadsheets, Infographics)

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Questions to Ask the Financial Aid Officer PDF


Sample Financial Aid Offers PDF


Tips for VSAC Scholarships Application PDF


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