News & Updates for Education Professionals

Resources to help Vermont students and families plan, save, and pay for training and education.
  • Save these dates: Register for these in-person professional development events 
  • VSAC Curriculum Map: VSAC has created nearly 100 learning activities to target social-emotional, academic, and postsecondary planning skills across grades 6-12. These are skills that VSAC believes all students should know and be able to do before they graduate high school.
  • College & Career Pathways 2023: Share the resources and videos from this year's event with your high school families. 
  • Financial aid opportunities
    • Applications are now available for the 2023-2024 academic year. Remind your students (and their parents) to complete their FAFSA, Vermont grant, and VSAC-assisted scholarship applications as early as possible. 
    • 802 Opportunity: Free tuition at CCV for students of any age with a family income of $75,000 or less.  
    • NEW Workforce Development Funding is now available to reduce or eliminate tuition for eligible students pursuing careers in critical fields such as skilled trades, nursing, mental health care, and more.
    • Vermont grants: Eligible students have received from $1,000 to $14,000 for the 2022–2023 academic year. Find the grant types, application, and a how-to video that walks you through the application. 


Vermont grants

Don't let your Vermont students leave money on the table! Eligible students have received from $1,000 to $14,000 in Vermont grants for the 2022–2023 academic year. Encourage your students to:

  • Watch the VSAC Shows You How to Complete VT Grant & Scholarship Applications. VSAC walks families through the Vermont state grant application, question-by-question. We also explain how to apply for any of the 120+ VSAC-assisted scholarships. View the recording and find additional resources.
  • Apply for the Vermont grant. Those who have applied should check their MyVSAC account to be sure they've completed all steps.
  • Complete the FAFSA.
  • Check out VSAC's webinars and videos covering grants, scholarships, financial aid offers, loans and more.

New Workforce Development Funding available

The Vermont Legislature passed a historic bill in June 2022 which provides millions of dollars of state and federal funding to address Vermont’s workforce shortage. This new funding will reduce or eliminate tuition for eligible students pursuing careers in critical fields such as:

  • skilled trades
  • early childhood education
  • nursing
  • mental health care
  • more

Learn more at

VSAC-assisted scholarships

VSAC's scholarships booklet for students planning to attend college in 2023–2024 is available online, and the Unified Scholarship Application (USA) can be completed by logging into MyVSAC. Deadline for all materials is February 15.

How VSAC can help with the FAFSA

Your students and parents can:

  • check out VSAC's FAFSA Completion Guide.
  • complete the FAFSA with our “VSAC Shows You How” webinar, recorded on October 25. VSAC counselor Carrie Harlow walks through the FAFSA application question by question. They can review the video at their convenience and find additional FAFSA resources at
  • ask a quick FAFSA question by calling our toll-free FAFSA helpline at 833-802-8722 (Monday–Friday, 8:00 am–4:30 pm).

High schools: Did you know that you can use VSAC's FAFSA Completion Tool to identify students who haven't completed their financial aid applications? Contact our grants department (800-882-4166) to ask us how. 

Looking for financial aid resources?

We have what you need for your students & parents.

Resources for students and parents planning for life after high school.

VSAC's Educational Opportunity Center—easy as a phone call! 

Do you know any adults who would like to take a step toward new career possibilities and aren’t sure where to begin? VSAC’s EOC services can help. Our counselors understand the needs of adult students and are ready to help individuals take steps in a new direction. All services are free.

Encourage your students or clients to make an appointment today >

VSAC’s research continues to shape higher education policy in Vermont

VSAC releases survey results on COVID-19’s impact on VT students' plans to attend college in the fall.

View the latest reports, county fact sheets, and past survey results >

Zoom Rooms 

VSAC's Zoom video conferences were geared toward adults interested in returning to school or training. Watch recordings of past topics, including:

  • Short-Term Training Options
  • Education Resources for Military Connected Students
  • Resources for Foster Youth
  • Educational Resources for Former Refugees, Immigrants, & Asylees

    Senior Survey Data Exploration for High School Educators

    April 6, Lake Morey Resort, Fairlee, 9:30 am–2:30 pm

    Looking to get more out of your Senior Survey Individual School Report? Join VSAC in person to dig into your results and plan for the future.

    The VSAC Senior Survey provides "real-time" feedback on the student experience at your school as well as data on the student experience across Vermont.

    Register now

      2023 Transition & Career Planning Conference

      May 12, Stoweflake Mountain Resort, 8:00 am-3:00 pm

      Save the date for the 18th Annual Transition and Career Planning Conference. This year's conference, Living and Learning in the 802, will focus on Vermont educational opportunities.

      Annual Financial Aid Training for Education and Agency Professionals

      Did you miss VSAC's fall 2022 events?

      1. Financial Aid 101: View the slides and watch the recording.
      2. Federal, State & VSAC Updates: View the slides and watch the recording.

      Here are some links that your families may find helpful:

      NEBHE Admissions & Enrollment Information — Resources for school counselors, students and institutions

      Virtual Admissions Events — alphabetical list of American colleges & universities; describes each school's virtual admissions events and provides web registration links

      Strive Virtual College Exploration – Hundreds of free virtual workshops for students and parents including individual college info sessions and a wide range of college planning topics

      Keys to Your Future Career & College Readiness Program – Free program for educators with virtual lessons for students on identifying life goals, preparing in high school, choosing a path, balancing daily life, starting a career, and success in a career 

      College Admission Status Updates — information about changes in college admission events, deposit dates, and more as a result of the coronavirus outbreak

      SAT Coronavirus Updates 

      ACT testing FAQ  

      Khan Academy — SAT practice as well as other online learning  

      SAT On Demand—One Month Free from Kaplan —  a free month of SAT On Demand to support all students with their distance learning 

      Free AP Programming from Kaplan — free AP prep sessions on YouTube live for AP US History, AP World History, and AP Biology. These sessions will focus on question review and include time to ask a teacher questions.