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VSAC Curriculum Map and Learning Activities for Grades 6–12

Looking to target college and career readiness skills at your school?

The VSAC Curriculum Map provides targeted academic and postsecondary planning skills that Vermont students in grades 6–12 will need in order to pursue education and career opportunities after high school. This framework reflects current research, best practice, and experience on the ground. 

This framework and selected learning activities may interest you if you are a: 

  • counselor
  • school leader
  • teacher
  • work-based learning coordinator 

The map and learning activities can be used to develop postsecondary planning activities for advisory or can be incorporated into class curriculum for students across the grades.  

VSAC has a growing collection of college and career planning learning activities that are directly related to the skills in the VSAC Curriculum Map, and we’ve included a few below. 

If you' re looking to target specific skills in the curriculum map please connect with your Talent Search, GEAR UP, or Aspirations partner at your school as they would be happy to collaborate with you or may already be targeting specific skills at your school and with your students. If you’ve already connected with VSAC partners at your school and would like more curriculum that VSAC has developed, please reach out to Lauren Hood, Aspirations School Specialist and Curriculum Lead.

Download the full curriculum map for grades 6–12download icon