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VTVLC offering Essential Math for College and Careers (EMC2)

VTVLC offering Essential Math for College and Careers (EMC2)

Contact: Anita Long, Academic Support Coordinator, VT GEARUP,


We are excited to announce that the Essential Math for College and Careers (EMC2) course is now available online through Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative (VTVLC). EMC2is a one-year, two-semester, one-credit high school course taught by a highly qualified VT high school math teacher trained through the EMC2 Teacher Professional Development program. Student registration for fall 2022 VTVLC classes is now open!

This course is ideal for students who have completed algebra 1, geometry, algebra 2, or the equivalent but still need to strengthen their core algebra and numeracy skills or are missing key proficiencies for graduation. Students who are looking for an option to improve their conceptual understanding in a more hands-on, discussion-format, the problem-based course would benefit from taking this course. Our data show that students who’ve taken EMC2 feel more confident in math and about taking future math courses.

Partnering with VTVLC allows us to provide this course to students all around our rural state if their school cannot offer it on-site. To maintain the best practices of the course, this will NOT be self-paced. Students will occasionally participate in group discussions synchronously. Accommodations will be made to make participation accessible to many. Outside of the group discussions, students will have flexibility to engage in the materials like any other online course (at the best time that works for them.)

Interested educators should contact their school counselor to enroll in this course either online at VTVLC or in-person.