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Governor Phil Scott leads launch of 70x2025vt

New initiative links education and training to Vermont’s future workforce and economic needs

SOUTH BURLINGTON (Oct. 24, 2017)—Governor Phil Scott today announced the launch of 70x2025vt, an education and economic development initiative aimed at having 70 percent of Vermonters hold a training or education credential by the 2025.

“As part of my ‘cradle to career’ focus on education and training, we owe it to Vermonters to provide the pathways necessary to develop the skills to be successful at work, at home and in the community,” Governor Scott said at an event at PC Construction.

“70x2025 is a big goal, but one I believe that we can reach by working together and using Vermont’s power of cooperation, collective wisdom and action,” the Governor said. “My administration is, and will be, fully engaged in this effort.”

Nearly seven in 10 of the “high-pay, high-demand” jobs to be created in the next decade will require some level of education and training after high school, according to research from Georgetown University. In Vermont, 70x2025vt will establish the statewide platform to serve as a clearinghouse to connect and coordinate existing and future efforts contributing to the goal.

“This is not a question of ‘if,’ but of ‘how and when,’” said Scott Giles, president and CEO of VSAC, home to 70x2025vt. “A high school diploma just isn’t enough anymore. Our attention must be on helping all Vermonters take the steps to better careers and opportunities for themselves and Vermont.  And we know the benefits to Vermont are more than just economic—more education and training leads to more active civic engagement in our local communities.”

Construction, trades and medical occupations are among the most-immediate, high-need industries for skilled Vermonters.

“Like many Vermont employers, PC Construction is hiring for well-paying jobs and we are on the hunt to find the skilled workers to fill them,” said Jay Fayette, executive vice president and chief operating officer.

PC Construction is an employee-owned, multi-state, general contracting, construction management and design-build service firm headquartered in Vermont with over 1,000 employee-owners spanning the East Coast from Maine to Florida.

“As a lifelong Vermonter and graduate of Vermont Technical College, I believe in the excellent schools and training programs our state has to offer,” said Fayette. “For me, and PC Construction, joining in the 70x2025vt initiative is a ‘no brainer’ to make sure that Vermont is developing a talent pool that can meet the demands of our state and global economy."

The Governor’s priority focus on workforce and economic development is one shared by local leaders as necessary for civic vitality, said Liz Gamache, Mayor of St. Albans.

“We’re all in this together,” Mayor Gamache said. “The state of Vermont succeeds when its towns and cities do. I can tell you my top goal as mayor is to see that our community members have opportunity and that our businesses thrive. It’s spectacularly important to the success of St. Albans.”

About 70x2025vt

70x2025vt brings together Vermont’s leading education and workforce development experts to build commitment and progress to the ambitious goal of assuring that 70 percent of working-age Vermonters possess a postsecondary degree or credential of value by 2025.70x20225vt is led by a council of 25 well-respected leaders from all corners of the state including, employers, educators, civic groups, lawmakers and members of the Governor’s cabinet.