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VSAC Investor Relations Overview

The Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC), a public nonprofit corporation, was created as an instrumentality of the State in 1965 and exists under Vermont law for the purpose of ensuring that Vermont students and parents have the necessary information and financial resources to pursue their education goals beyond high school.

VSAC carries out its mandate by guaranteeing, making, acquiring, financing, and servicing loans to qualified borrowers. The Corporation also administers a program of grants and scholarships and a Section 529 savings plan and provides education and career counseling services to students seeking to pursue education or training after high school as well as related services to parents of such students.

In fiscal year 2015, VSAC originated more than $30 million in education loans.

In order to finance its student loan activities, VSAC issues various types of asset-backed securities. Investors in these securities play an important role in helping VSAC achieve its mission at the lowest possible cost to students. VSAC is happy to provide investors with the opportunity to view information related to these securities while visiting our website.

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