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Fixed-interest loans for Vermonters attending any college, and for out-of-state students attending any Vermont college.

As Vermont’s nonprofit state agency, we’ll help you understand the basics of federal and “private" loans (they're not created equal). We'll also show you ways to compare options so that you can minimize your monthly payments and the amount you’ll pay in the long term. We call it Know More. Borrow Less. 




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VSAC's 2022–2023 student loans for undergraduate & graduate study offer fixed interest rates.

Your fixed interest rate will be based on the repayment plan you choose; your fees will be based on your credit rating. Your final APR is based on both your credit and the repayment option you choose.

for Undergraduate & Graduate Students

Immediate Repayment

"Immediate" means you start principal & interest payments 15–45 days after loan is fully disbursed.

Interest-Only Repayment

"Interest-only" means you start monthly interest payments 15–45 days after loan is fully disbursed.

Deferred Repayment

"Deferred" means you begin repayment 15–45 days after enrollment ends.




APR 4.99%5.72%

APR 6.60%7.20%

APR 7.11%7.61%

for Parents

Immediate Repayment

"Immediate" means you start principal & interest payments 15–45 days after loan is fully disbursed.


APR 4.99%5.72%

Delayed Repayment

"Delayed" means you begin repayment 12 months after loan is fully disbursed.


APR 7.35%8.03%



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    • Out-of-state students attending a college in Vermont
    • Vermont residents attending college anywhere in the U.S. or internationally
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    After You Apply: What's Next?

    • As we move your application through the process, we'll send you updates. Be sure to check your email regularly!
    • Learn more about student loan repayment.
    • If you have questions at any time, call us. That's why we're here.



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    Minimize Debt After Borrowing

    Follow these 5 tips to keep your student loan interest charges as low as possible:

    1. Make your payments on time. 
    2. Pay a little extra with each payment. Even $20 extra a month can make a difference!
    3. Avoid extending your repayment term.
    4. Avoid deferring your interest payments.
    5. Avoid defaulting on your loan.