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Job Training & Certification Programs

Find the training you need for the job you want

If you’re looking to further your education, but aren’t sure a college degree is right for you, you are not alone. Today, more and more people are considering short-term job training and certification programs as an alternative. In fact, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. schools awarded almost 1 million educational certificates in 2020-2021.

Why Short-Term Job Training?

Most job training programs typically take 2 years or less to complete. Job training can give you both formal instruction and hands-on experience related to your career of choice—including in fields such as healthcare and computer programming.

Job training may be offered through technical or trade schools or professional or government associations. Plus, many colleges now offer certificate programs in a range of professional areas.

5 Reasons to Choose a Short-Term Job Training or Certification Program 

  1. Speed: You want to become ready to go into the workforce as soon as possible—or transition into a new career—in less time than it takes to earn a college degree
  2. Specific job training: You know the job you want—and the training needed to get it
  3. Job security now:  You want to quickly upgrade skills or industry credentials for greater job security and more job options in an ever-changing marketplace 
  4. Hands-on experience: You want to learn in a more hands-on, practical educational setting
  5. Affordability: You don’t have the time and/or money to invest in a college degree yet

Vermont Advancement Grant for Nondegree Programs

VSAC offers grants for eligible Vermont residents enrolled in qualified non-degree courses or programs and there are a range of training programs offered in Vermont. Many Vermont colleges and universities offer short-term certificate and training programs in addition to their full degree programs.

There are many other organizations in Vermont that offer short-term training and certificate programs—including for profit and nonprofit organizations as well as state run programs and apprenticeships. One good way to narrow your search is to inquire with the professional or trade association connected to your area of interest to see what they recommend.

Once you’ve located the program you’re interested in, connect back with us to see if the program is eligible for Advancement Grant funding.

Learn more about the Vermont Advancement Grant >