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Apply for Financial Aid

Steps to help you stay on track with applying online for Vermont grants, VSAC-assisted scholarships, federal loans, and VSAC student loans and parent loans.

The FAFSA: Your First Step in Applying for Financial Aid

Applying for financial aid starts with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Follow our 7 steps to submitting your FAFSA application—and get started on your way to getting funding to pay for college or career training programs.


Vermont Grant Applications

If you're a Vermont resident, you may be eligible for grants for full- or part-time college study, or for work in a non-degree course or program. Follow our 3 steps to applying for Vermont grants—and see what need-based financial aid can do for you.


VSAC-Assisted Scholarships Application

As a Vermonter, you can also apply for any of the many scholarships administered by the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC). Follow our 4 steps to applying for VSAC-assisted scholarships—and find a scholarship out there for you.


VSAC Student & Parent Loan Applications

In addition to need-based financial aid, students who are Vermont residents or who live out of state but will be attending school in Vermont also have access to VSAC’s fixed-rate student or parent loans. Learn about the Vermont Advantage Loans—and choose the option and interest rate that’s right for you. Our quick and easy online application will guide you through the steps.