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Know Your Career Options

Narrow your search to career options that fit your goals

The next step in your career search is to build a list of possible career options—and gather the information you’ll need to decide which ones may be right for you. The most successful career plans are made with careful thought and research.

Career Options Search Checklist

Use this checklist to stay on track with your career search:

Use an online career matching tool. These tools can help you identify how your interests, skills, values, and personality traits may translate into different career options. Use My Next Move career search resources >

Make an appointment with a VSAC education counselor. A counselor can provide guidance on careers, education and training opportunities, and financial aid. Schedule a meeting with a VSAC counselor >

Research careers that interest you. You can research online or visit the Career Resource Center at a Vermont Department of Labor office near you. Look for information on factors such as education and training needed in a specific field, salary ranges for the field, and the number of jobs available—and where they’re located. 

Ask family members, friends, or others in your community about the work they do. Interviewing people is a great way to get an inside perspective from someone who is already working in the field you think you might like. Download our Informational Interviewing and Job Shadowing guide >

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Observe people in their workplace. Ask to “shadow” someone for a day to see what it’s like to work in the field.

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Experience a job in your area of interest. Get a part-time job or internship—or volunteer your time—at an organization that does the type of work you think you might be interested in.

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Attend career fairs. Meet Vermont employers and ask questions (PDF) about their work. Check with your high school guidance office—or the Career Resource Center at a Vermont Department of Labor office near you—to find out about the next career fair in your area. And consider checking out Tech Jam, one of Vermont’s largest career fairs that focuses on careers in technology, held every fall.

Research job openings in Vermont that match your education and training. Search by zip code and distance from home; refine your search by salary, career/education level, skills, and more; and connect with network and industry associations. Visit >

Once you’ve narrowed down your career options, it’s time to think about what training and education options can help you get there.


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