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What scholarships does VSAC have available?

VSAC administers more than 160 scholarships for Vermonters.

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What scholarships can I apply for online?

With VSAC’s online Unified Scholarship Application, you can complete one electronic form for all VSAC-assisted scholarships. The application can be filed online after October 1, in addition to any additional documents that may be required for the scholarships you are applying to.

Learn more about VSAC-assisted scholarships >

If I receive a scholarship, will it affect the amount of financial aid I receive from my college?

Scholarships are usually looked at in one of three ways:

  1. To fill "unmet need," meaning to fill the difference between the cost of the college and the financial aid you’ve been offered.
  2. To reduce the amount in loans you need to borrow.
  3. To reduce your college's grant assistance to you.

Call your school's financial aid office for specific information on how your school treats scholarships.

How do I apply for VSAC-assisted scholarships?

Log into your MyVSAC account and click on “Work with VSAC-Assisted Scholarships.” Look for “Submit Application” and “Unified Scholarship Application (USA),” and follow the instructions.

How do I upload required documents?

Log into your MyVSAC account and click on "Work with VSAC-Assisted Scholarships." Look for “Required Documents” or “Upload Scholarship Documents.”