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Statements and Paperless Billing

How do I set up paperless billing and email notifications?

It's quick and easy to go paperless! Just follow these steps:

  1. Sign into MyVSAC.
  2. Click "Loan Info & Make Payments."
  3. In the "Go Green" box, click "Choose Paperless Statements and Go Green!"
  4. In your MyVSAC account ,click the "Statement History" tab*.
  5. Select "Yes" for the "receive emails regarding your statements" option.

*This tab will only appear if you have statements available to view. If the "Statement History" tab doesn't appear, please check back after your next statement generates. Only statements generated after 12/7/20 are available in MyVSAC.

I requested to go paperless, why am I getting statements?

If your account is past due, VSAC resumes sending paper statements. Once your account is current, we'll stop sending paper statements.

Will I get a monthly statement?

Yes, monthly statements are generated approximately 23 days before your due date. If you have a cosigner, your cosigner will also receive a monthly statement.

You will not receive a monthly statement if your payments have been suspended due to deferment, forbearance, or enrollment.