Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

How can I view information concerning my student loan accounts?

Click MyVSAC in the top right corner of our website. From here, registered users can log in to MyVSAC and new users can click “Register Now” to create a MyVSAC profile and link it to their VSAC loan account.

I have a question about my student loans and would like to speak with a counselor. How do I do that?

Please visit the VSAC contact us page for all of our contact information. The phone number you call will vary depending on whether you have loans in repayment, have defaulted loans in Collections, or want to speak with us regarding a new student loan.

Can I register online for a financial aid night?

Please visit our calendar of events to view the registration details for your school’s financial aid night.

Where can I find a financial calculator on your website?

Check out the Online Tools on our resources page—there are several calculators to choose from.

Can I use web chat to communicate with VSAC?

While this is a feature that VSAC hopes to provide in the future, at this time our website isn't equipped with web chat.

I’m a cosigner. Am I responsible for the loan I cosigned?

Yes, as the cosigner you're equally responsible for the loan you cosigned.

What is your fax number?

Our fax number is (802)654-3765. We encourage you to call us to verify that we received your fax; however, please allow at least 1 business day before calling to allow us to route your fax to the appropriate area.

How can I update my address online?

Please log in or register for MyVSAC to provide updated contact information. Once logged in to MyVSAC, click on "My Profile" in the menu at the top to update your information.