Stipends now available for books, fees and travel for ‘dual enrollment’ students

Eligible high school students can receive $150 to cover incidental costs of college-level courses

WINOOSKI (August 20, 2014) – Vermont Student Assistance Corp. will administer a new program that provides $50,000 in stipends this year to help low-income high school students cover the costs of books, fees and travel associated with dual enrollment courses.

“The Legislature has acted decisively to the demand for dual enrollment classes by providing this incentive to those students who may need additional financial assistance to realize the dream of college,” said Scott Giles, president and CEO of VSAC. “As the state’s nonprofit partner in encouraging all Vermonters to pursue their education goals after high school, VSAC applauds this important commitment to Vermont’s future.”

Vermont’s dual enrollment program allows high school students to take two college courses tuition-free while still in high school. Since its inception, Vermont’s dual enrollment program has more than doubled from 642 participants to over 1,600 last year. Dual enrollment courses are offered on college campuses, online or on-site at a participating high school.

Students enrolled in dual enrollment who are also eligible for free- and reduced-price lunch and who need additional financial assistance to cover the costs of books, fees or travel will be automatically considered for an annual stipend of $150 to assist with these costs.

Funds will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information on the dual enrollment program and obtaining a voucher, visit http://vtdualenrollment.org/.

About VSAC

Vermont Student Assistance Corporation is a public, nonprofit agency established by the Vermont Legislature in 1965 to help Vermonters plan and pay for education or training beyond high school.  VSAC administers Vermont’s 529 college savings plan; outreach services to encourage low-income students to aspire to and complete college; college and career planning services for all Vermonters; need-based state grants for full-time, part-time and non-degree study; public and private scholarship programs; and private education loans. Find us at www.vsac.org or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/VermontStudentAssistanceCorporation.

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