VT/NH CDA Virtual Conversation Cafe

our apologies - this event has been canceled

Education Professionals event

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On the coat-tails of the VSAC Transition and Career Gathering event, your VT/NH Career Development Association is hosting its first Virtual Conversation Cafe.

Conversation Cafes are designed to be non-judgmental "big-talks" enabling important discussions with colleagues about the latest issues impacting society; giving all participants an opportunity to speak honestly and openly with break-out room facilitators simply assisting in keeping the dialogue moving forward.

Our theme for these very open-ended, albeit structured, dialogues surrounds preparing for career development trends and supports society will need as it rebirths out of Covid-19 isolation. How will these trends impact the needs of citizens, young and old, within New Hampshire and Vermont? How do these needs transcend into supports you'll need as a career development practitioner and researcher?

We'll begin with a quick overview of our questions then break out into three constituency groups for a deeper-dive into the questions at hand:

  • K-12
  • Higher Ed
  • Private Practice

You need not be employed in any group to participate nor do you need to be part of the group matching your employment. We simply ask in advance that you choose one constituency group and stay with it for the duration of the 90-minute session. Should you wish to be a scribe for any group, please let us know as we'll be chronicling ideas that disseminate from the discussions.