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Any student
Cert or Undergrad program
3/4 time
Example VSAC Scholarship
(sponsored by the Vermont Chapter of the National Organization
for Scholarships)
The Vermont Chapter of the National Organization for Scholarships
established this scholarship to encourage Vermont students with a passion
for and commitment to their chosen field to pursue education or
training in this profession after high school.
• Attend an accredited school approved for federal Title IV funding
(Pell grants, Stafford loans, PLUS loans)
• Seek a degree/certification in a specific major
• Be a Vermont resident for at least 10 years
• Demonstrate financial need
Required documents:
Unified Scholarship Application, FAFSA,
recommendation letter #1 (non-relative), essay #1 (general essay),
and official transcript
May be renewable for up to four years.
Maximum one $2,500 scholarship
Essay, recommendation letter, financial need, and
academic achievement
Average applicants:
Average awards:
How to use this booklet
Scholarships listed on pages 9–34 are VSAC-assisted scholarships, meaning that they are administered in part or in
full by VSAC. All of these scholarships require that you complete the Unified Scholarships Application (USA).
For instructions, refer to page 2, step 3.
Scholarships listed alphabetically on pages 36–46 are other scholarships, meaning that they are administered directly
by the groups that sponsor them. Each of these scholarships has a separate application process unique to the scholarship.
For general instructions regarding other scholarships, see page 35.
Each scholarship features a black or grey toolbar just above the full name of the scholarship. See the sample below
for an explanation of toolbar categories.
Type of student eligible
Any student:
Any student may apply.
Adult students:
You must be con-
sidered an independent student for
financial aid purposes (see FAFSA
College students:
You must already
be enrolled in and attending college
when you apply.
Graduate students:
You must have
already received a 4-year undergraduate
degree and be enrolled in graduate or
professional-level coursework.
High school students:
You must
be a high school senior who will earn a
diploma or GED by the start of the
upcoming school year.
Eligibility criteria
This section includes the specific criteria you must meet in
order to be eligible for this scholarship (i.e., type of school,
major or field of study, town or county of residence, and
whether you must demonstrate academic achievement,
financial need, community service, etc.). You are eligible to
apply ONLY IF you meet all of the criteria listed.
Number of credits needed
Any enrollment:
Any number of credits
Full time:
Minimum of 12 credits/term
3/4 time:
Minimum of 9 credits/term
1/2 time:
Minimum of 6 credits/term
1/4 time:
Minimum of 3 credits/term
If applicable, this section
will appear in the descrip-
tion and will indicate the
number of years for
which the scholarship
may be renewable.
Instructions and details
for renewal the following
year will be included in
the letter notifying you
of the award if you are
chosen as a recipient.
Required documents
This section lists all of
the documents you must
submit to VSAC in order
for your application to
be complete. Remember
that all VSAC-assisted
scholarships require that
you complete the Unified
Scholarship Application
(USA) available at
Type of college or training program you need to be
enrolled in to be eligible (more than one may apply)
Any program:
Any program is acceptable.
Cert program:
Certificate program
Degree program:
Undergraduate, graduate, or professional
degree program
Graduate (or Grad) program:
Graduate or professional
degree program
Non-Degree (or ND) program:
A non-degree, non-
certificate program
Undergrad program:
Undergraduate (associate’s or
bachelor’s) degree program
You will need this
code in order to
complete the USA.
This section lists, in order of importance,
the documents and criteria that the selection
committee will consider when choosing
one or more recipients.
1,2,3,4 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,...52
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