Scholarships Booklet - page 39

Other scholarships
Follow directions under “Application” — VSAC forms cannot be used to apply for other scholarships.
Each of these scholarships has its own requirements
and application process; VSAC forms cannot be used to
apply. Please refer to page 1, “How to use this booklet”
to understand the scholarship eligibility requirements in
the grey toolbars,
and follow the instructions under the
“Application” section of each scholarship listing on
pages 36–46.
Note: The date listed in the upper right hand corner above the
grey toolbar is the DELIVERY DATE, not the submission/
postmark date.
Questions about these scholarships should be directed
to the contact person included in the scholarship infor-
mation. If no contact is listed, please call the VSAC
Scholarships Program.
To find even more scholarships, start close to home and
branch out as time allows:
Your community
— your local high school, businesses,
clubs, or town officials
Your college or university
— check with the financial
aid office at the school you plan to attend
On the web
lick “Where to
Look for Scholarships”)
Other scholarships & resources
The scholarships on the following pages are administered by agencies or organizations other than VSAC.
Beware of scams
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warns students to be careful in using scholarship search companies.
While some firms are legitimate, others aren’t. A tip-off could be if the firm “guarantees” or “promises”
scholarships or grants. No reputable firm can legitimately make such a claim.
Beware of these telltale statements:
“This scholarship is guaranteed or your money back.”
“You can’t get this information anywhere else.”
“We’ll need your credit card or bank account number to hold this scholarship.”
“We’ll do all the work for you!”
“There’s a fee to apply for this scholarship.”
“You’ve been selected by a national foundation to receive a scholarship.”
“You’re a finalist …”
(in a contest you never entered)
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