COVID-19 updates & ways VSAC can help 

Our commitment to you hasn’t changed, but some of the ways we provide support have 

Serving our community is at the heart of all we do. Our Resource Center in Winooski closed, but we remain available and committed to help you navigate all your career and education needs and manage your student loans. Using guidance from the Vermont Department of Health, we're adapting the way we do this to best protect the health and safety of students, families, partners and staff. 

Our customer service specialists remain committed to assisting you. Please continue to reach out to us at 800-642-3177 (Monday–Friday, 8:00 am–4:30 pm) if you have questions.  

  • Our adult counselors in the EOC program are available for free phone appointments to assist adults thinking about postsecondary and short-term training programs and how to navigate online learning options. Call 877-961-4369 for a free appointment.
  • We invite you to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for live and recorded webinars. 

VSAC loan borrowers

Many of you are reaching out to us to see if your VSAC student loans are covered under the CARES Act signed into law on March 27, 2020. If you have federal Direct student loans or Federal Family Education Loan Program loans held by the Department of Education and serviced by federal loan servicers, the answer is yes; the interest-free period and payment suspension applies to those loans only—at this time.

The CARES Act does not include relief for VSAC’s federal student loans or non-federal private student loans. VSAC is advocating to have CARES Act benefits extended for all borrowers. VSAC will provide you with updated information as those advocacy efforts continue.

VSAC non-federal private student loans

VSAC’s private loans continue to offer a program that we’ve offered since 1998, allowing borrowers facing financial hardship to suspend their interest and principal payments for up to 36 months (24 months for loans issued since May 2018) in 3-month segments over the life of the loan.

VSAC federal student loans

VSAC’s Federal Family Education Loans offer several deferment options, 24 months for unemployment or 36 months for economic hardship, and a disaster/national emergency forbearance that suspends interest and principal payments for 3 months. If you are in an IBR plan and your economic condition has changed, you may be able to adjust your payment amount. See our Student Loan Repayment Options page.

VSAC defaulted student loans

If you have defaulted student loans with VSAC and have been impacted by COVID-19, see the options available to you on the Manage Loan Default page.

If you’re experiencing hardship because of COVID-19, please call us at 800-642-3177 (Monday–Friday, 8:00 am–4:30 pm) so we can explore options.

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