Your VSAC loan pays it forward

Written by
Sabina Haskell

August 8, 2017


Pay it forward

In a couple of weeks, many of you will be taking the next step in your education future. Some of you will head off for college, others for training programs. If you’re still looking to cover costs, you’re probably checking out different loan options.

VSAC is here to help you borrow smart. We have the information you need to minimize your debt and what to look for when you take a loan.  Because when you take a loan, you’re making a commitment. You are making a promise to repay what you borrowed, plus interest.

When you choose a Vermont Advantage loan from VSAC, we make a promise to you, too.

As Vermont’s nonprofit student financial assistance agency, created by Governor Phil Hoff and the 1965 Legislature, we work for you. We are here to help you figure out what you want to study, where you want to go to school and how to pay for it. Governor Hoff’s vision has opened doors to college and opportunity for generations of Vermonters.

Simply put, some of the interest you pay VSAC on your loan goes to help other Vermonters continue their education, especially those from low-income families or who are the first in their families to continue their education.

How? VSAC makes loans with money borrowed in the tax-exempt bond market. Tax-exempt bonds mean lower borrowing costs for VSAC, allowing us to offer lower interest rates than many for-profit lenders.

A portion of the interest you pay underwrites career and education counseling for over 5,000 students of all ages each year.  It also helps us to oversee Vermont’s financial assistance programs, including 13,000 state grants and 3,000 scholarships worth over $25 million each year. 

And since we’re a nonprofit state agency, we only keep 2 percent of interest paid, returning the rest to borrowers periodically – $176.7 million since 1995. Last year, VSAC borrowers saved $2 million from these rebates.
So, when you take a loan from VSAC, you’re paying it forward. Just like generations of other Vermonters before you did.

Questions? Visit, give us a call at 800-226-1029, email us at, or come see us in Winooski M-F 8:30-4:00 in the VSAC Resource Center. We’re here to help.

VSAC – Plan Better.  Pay Smarter.  Aim Higher.