At VSAC, we’ve helped thousands of adult students throughout Vermont succeed in going back to school. So we understand the unique challenges you face.
Whether you’re interested in a 4-year college degree, a short-term job training program, or something in between—we can help get you there. And, we can help you make smart financial decisions all along the way! Check out the links below to get started.
Find support
Resources to help you take the next step.
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Careers: There's a path for you
Explore what's out there & what interests you!
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Solving the $$ puzzle
How financial aid works & how to apply.
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Getting started: Make a plan
Tips on how to get started.
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Need training? Choose a program.
Find out about job training & certificate programs that match your needs.
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For adults only: How to get financial aid
Financial aid specifics for adult learners
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Resources (PDFs, eBooks, Spreadsheets, Infographics)

Name Type Download Resource
Vermont Scholarships for the Armed Services PDF
What Do You Look for In a Job? PDF
What Is Success? You Decide PDF
5 Steps to Critique Your Essay PDF
Adult College Selection Worksheet PDF
Adult Learner Activities PDF
Adult Outreach Career Action Plan PDF
Adult Student Handbook PDF
Career Fair Interview Questions PDF
Career Interest Checklist PDF

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