Scholarships Booklet - page 6

Step 1: Determine whether you are eligible to apply.
You must be a Vermont resident and United States citizen
or an eligible non-citizen to apply for scholarships (unless a
particular scholarship specifies otherwise).
• If you are not sure you are a Vermont resident, request
a copy of VSAC’s residency brochure or call the VSAC
Scholarships Program.
• If you are not sure about your citizenship or your status
as an eligible noncitizen, refer to the guidelines at
• United States military personnel must have Vermont
listed as their “home of record.”
Step 2: Identify scholarships for which you are eligible
to apply.
• Refer to page 1 to understand the scholarship eligibility
requirements in the black toolbars.
• Review the scholarship descriptions on pages 9–34.
• If you meet all the eligibility criteria in the black toolbar
AND under “Eligibility,” you are eligible.
• Make note of the VSAC ID for each scholarship you
want to apply for; you will need to enter this VSAC ID
on the Unified Scholarship Application (USA).
Step 3: Complete the online Unified Scholarship
Application (USA), required for all
VSAC-assisted scholarships in this booklet.
• Go to
er January 1, 2017. Click on
the orange
/Account Access button in the top
right corner of the home page.
a) Log into your existing
b) If you do not have a
account, click on
“Register Now” in the box labeled “First Time
User?” and follow the directions.
• Once logged in, click on the “Apply for Scholarships”
link on the left side of the screen (in the box labeled
• To complete and submit the USA, click on the
“Unified Scholarship Application (USA)” link
(under the heading “Submit Scholarship Application”
on the right side of the screen) and follow the directions.
Step 4: Submit required documents to VSAC.
Refer to page 3 (What you need to know about required
documents) to understand specific requirements for each
type of document.
You may submit required documents to VSAC in any
of the following ways:
Follow the directions below to upload documents
directly to VSAC, or
clude “Scholarships” in the
subject line), or
VSAC Scholarships Program
10 East Allen Street, PO Box 2000
Winooski, VT 05404-2601
To upload documents directly to VSAC, you must
have already completed the USA online.
• Go to
er January 1, 2017, and log in
to your existing
• Once logged in, click on the “Apply for Scholarships”
link on the left-hand side of the screen (in the box
labeled “Scholarships”).
• Click on the “Submit Required Documents” link (under
the heading “Upload Documents” on the right-hand side
of the screen) and follow the directions.
• Submit only one copy of each document, even if more
than one scholarship requires it. VSAC will supply a
copy of the document to each scholarship committee
that requires it.
Please note: Some high schools are able to upload documents to
VSAC on behalf of their graduating high school seniors. Please
check with your high school to determine whether it has signed
up to use this VSAC service.
Step 5: File the Free Application for Federal Student
Aid (FAFSA) online.
Scholarships that list financial need in their criteria require
completion of the FAFSA.
• Available online at
er October 1,
2016. If you are unable to complete the FAFSA online,
you may request a paper form by calling the Federal
Student Aid Information Center at 800-433-3243.
• If you are a Vermont resident, VSAC will automatically
receive your FAFSA information electronically.
• If you are not a Vermont resident, you will need to
submit a copy of the Student Aid Report (SAR) issued
to you after you submit the FAFSA.
How to apply for VSAC-assisted scholarships
Applying for the VSAC-assisted scholarships on pages 9–34 is easy if you follow the steps outlined below.
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