Scholarships Booklet - page 51

The Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC) publishes
this booklet to provide you with information about specific
scholarships available to Vermont residents. Most of the
scholarships listed are sponsored by private groups, including
Vermont businesses, charitable or service organizations, veterans
groups, and others.
The majority of financial aid available to Vermont students is
provided by your college, university, or training school, the federal
government, and VSAC. Scholarships are considered supplements
to other aid, such as grants and loans.
Scholarships, like grants, are forms of “gift aid,” meaning there
is no obligation (under most circumstances) to repay the funds.
While grants are generally awarded according to financial need,
scholarships are typically based on factors unique to each
scholarship. These may include residency, degree program or
major, academic achievement, extracurricular activities, and —
in some cases — financial need.
Remember that when you apply for scholarships, you will be
competing against other students who apply. Keep in mind,
though, that if a scholarship is based on academic achievement,
you may not have to be the best student in your class; you
simply need to be the best student applying for that scholarship.
Similarly, if a scholarship is based on financial need, your need
will be compared only to the need of other applicants within
that scholarship pool.
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